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Whether it’s a natural disaster or a human-made one, it’s likely to arrive out of the blue. During emergencies like flooding, wildfires, and severe storms, people often face insufficient food, water, shelter, electricity, and everyday comforts for an unknown period. While courageous emergency responders and community volunteers work fast during times of trouble, it’s not uncommon to overlook one crucial aspect of disaster relief: functional toilets and sinks. 

Thankfully, emergency porta potty rental is a specialty at Royal Flush Porta Potty. Are you in Las Vegas, Nevada, or the neighboring communities? You have full access to our 24/7 emergency portable restroom rental options and more.

Quick Response Porta Potty Services For When Disaster Strikes

At Royal Flush Porta Potty, our experience has proven just how important safe, sanitary facilities are for affected residents, workers, and volunteers during an emergency. Since portable toilets and wash stations don’t require electricity or running water to function, these units are invaluable where plumbing and waterlines aren’t immediately available.

Should a disaster occur in your neighborhood, trust the Royal Flush Porta Potty professionals to provide you all with urgent toilet solutions. We strive for rapid deployment of portable toilets, as well as our wash stations and ADA-compliant facilities. That way, we do our part in ensuring the hygiene, comfort, and overall well-being of all the affected parties.

Not only does our crew offer an impressive selection of emergency porta potty rentals, but we also provide prompt services to maintain those facilities. Count on us to quickly deliver and set up your rentals and then service them as necessary.

Urgent Porta Potty Rental Services for All Types of Emergencies

The safety of affected families and individuals during a disaster is of the utmost importance. No two situations are identical, so a fast response with the essential facilities is crucial for restoring everything to its pre-disaster condition.

Emergencies that may need porta potty services at the ready include the following:

  • Severe wind damage or hurricanes
  • Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Chemical spills

An emergency porta potty rental can aid in relief efforts by strategically placing toilets and wash stations around the site. People will have safe and secure facilities to use at any time, which can boost hygiene in a generally unclean environment to minimize the spread of disease.

When you choose Royal Flush Porta Potty for urgent porta potty rental services, we’ll ensure each unit’s sanitation. Our crew will service each facility according to a predetermined schedule, including pumping the tanks, cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, and restocking supplies.

Last-Minute Porta Potty Rental Options for Any Need

At Royal Flush Porta Potty, we dedicate ourselves to providing the community with the highest standards of support. Though we offer outstanding portable toilet solutions, your needs may change based on the situation you’re managing. 

Here are some of the facilities we can provide to aid in disaster relief:

Standard Portable Toilets

Our standard porta potties offer basic facilities, like a toilet, toilet paper, and a hand sanitizer dispenser. The restroom doors are lockable for privacy purposes.

Luxury Bathroom Trailers

The Royal Flush Porta Potty luxury bathroom trailers are perfect for busier disaster sites. The trailers have many familiar comforts, such as:

  • Three toilets
  • Three sinks
  • One urinal
  • Air conditioning
  • Vent fan

ADA Portable Toilets

These ADA portable restrooms are spacious enough to ensure maneuverability for anyone who needs additional space or uses mobility devices. The units have strategically placed handrails, wide entrances, and flat flooring.

Portable Wash Stations

Don’t forget the basic hand wash stations to keep everyone’s hands clean and germ-free. Each unit comes with dual sinks, soap, and paper towels.

How Does It Work?

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2. Schedule Service

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3. Removal

Of course, we'll take away the waste when we're done.

Frequently Asked Questions for Emergency Portable Toilet Rental

We offer 1x and 2x weekly service most frequently but can do more if needed.

The number of porta potties you should request in your rental application will depend on how many people will be using the units and for how long you need them. The general rule is two porta potties with a washing station per 100 people.

If disaster strikes, you can typically secure emergency porta potty rentals within 24 hours. Royal Flush Porta Potty also offers rapid deployment of portable toilets and wash stations in Las Vegas.

We usually deliver within 1-2 days of a request.

 No minimums! Days to years are both fine with us.

Absolutely. Call if you need multiple units or have multiple locations

Most rental companies will service their porta potties once weekly. If you rent from Royal Flush Porta Potty, you’ll see us servicing your unit once or twice a week at a minimum. 

 Yes, all units have hasps for pad locks on the outside and can be locked from the inside when in use.

Yes, during our service calls we can do that too.

Payments are usually with a credit card on file, but invoicing can be arranged also.

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