About Royal Flush Porta Potty

About Royal Flush


Royal Flush Porta Potty is a family owned and operated local Las Vegas business. We are not a huge nation wide multi million dollar company, nor do we want to be! We pride ourselves on our customer service and personal attention!

When you want to rent a porta potty in Las Vegas you shouldn’t have to call an 800#, wait on hold 20 mins, and be connected to a call center across the globe. When you call Royal Flush, we will answer the phone right away. Our office is located in Las Vegas, we employ Las Vegans, and we purchase our equipment and products from local suppliers. We support our Las Vegas citizens and businesses. 

At Royal Flush, we believe in providing excellent service and porta potties that are clean, smell fresh, and that are aesthetically pleasing. We will deliver the porta potties to your site or special event on time and we will service the porta potties every week to make sure they are clean and fresh.

If you need to rent a porta potty in Las Vegas give us a call today. Let’s discuss your needs and determine how we can help you.

Phone: 702-820-1119
Email: lasvegasportapotty@gmail.com

Our History

Royal Flush Porta Potty was started in August 2019 by a Las Vegas construction worker and his teenage son. The idea to start a porta potty rental business came about after the family’s plumbing went out just as they were about to start a graduation party. Frantic calls were made to local porta potty companies. Shocked by the downright awful level of customer service, the father and son duo decided they would be able to fill the void and began developing a business plan to offer porta potty rentals using a much different philosophy. First and foremost, customer service had to be amazing. Second, the porta potty units had to be spotless clean.

The strict licensing in Clark County, NV took several months to complete. Since Clark County does not allow slide-in or temporary waste water tanks on public roads, funds had to be borrowed to purchase a commercial vacuum tank truck. Our first order of 15 porta potty units was purchased on a credit card. They were stored in an empty lot in the desert that was rented for $50/month. The porta potty units were bright red and yellow and looked like coca-cola machines. They were clean, a bit bigger than standard units, and just looked cool. It was a difficult start with the phone only ringing a few times a month. Once word got around the construction sites about our porta potties, more and more general contractors started calling. On larger construction sites, workers would walk right past the big boys’ units and right to Royal Flush’s units.

Our owner worked 7 days a week sometimes 24 hours a day serving the customers.  Customers and routes were simply written down on paper. Those 15 porta potties soon grew to 25, then 40, then 80. It wasn’t long before we were storing porta potties at our house and our friend’s houses. Shortly thereafter came the HOAs… we started receiving HOA nasty grams about porta potties being stored on driveways and backyards. As the number of our porta potties grew into the hundreds it was time to start looking for a commercial warehouse and full time employees. One thing that did not change: amazing customer service!

Today, Royal Flush is one of the largest independent porta potty companies in Las Vegas. We have hundreds of porta potty units and our tank truck operates 6 days per week 15 hours per day. Our customers include everyone from tiny businesses and homeowners to billion dollar companies. Let the Royal Flush family show you what an amazing job we can do. At your next special event or construction project give us a call! 

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